Nightmare on the Seven Mile Straight

A MUCKAMORE businessman has appealed for help from the authorities, claiming that someone will be killed by a speeding motorist on the Seven Mile Straight.

Ally Onion said that three vehicles have now ploughed into his premises in recent years, and he himself was clipped by a van on the road, which is often used as a route ‘over the hill’ to Belfast by drivers.

There are also multiple properties and housing estates and a business park at the Antrim end.

Mr Onion said that more enforcement and a lower speed limit are needed on the more heavily-populated stretches.

“Three times our building has been hit by cars, the last time there was quite a lot of damage, we have asked and asked and asked the PSNI and councillors to try to get the speed limit reduced, but nothing happens.

“We are business rate payers and our business is on the opposite side of the road. My father, who is 79, has to cross that road in a mobility scooter. I have clocked cars at 130mph on a private speed detector lent to me by a friend who takes part in rallies.”

Mr Onion added: “The former Mayor Oran Keenan got ‘slow’ signs painted on the road, but since then, nothing has happened and things are getting worse.

“The police advised me to park my own vehicles in the road, to slow people down.

“One woman crashed into our garden and smashed our gate. I was even clipped and spun round by the wing mirror of a Mercedes van - the driver claimed he didn’t see me.

“The speed limit needs to be reduced to 40 miles per hour as people are just using the road as a race track or a back road to Belfast and not taking into account that people live here. There are walkers, people on bikes and with horses, people running businesses.

“This isn’t a motorway, it is a rural road and something needs to be done.

“People have already died and it is only a matter of time before there is another death.”

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